We Offer Money For Gold And Silver In Fort Worth, TX

When you need a quick dollar or you seek to build your gold or silver collection, turn to our precious metal dealers. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, we buy and sell gold & silver in all forms.

Bring Us Your Gold and Silver

From old jewelry and flatware to bullion and coins, we sell and offer money for gold and silver in Fort Worth, TX. If you're interested in buying or selling, visit our store and let us know what you're looking for. We carry Canadian Maple Leafs, American Eagles, and more. If we don't have what you seek, we'll rely on our networks and trade shows to find the product you desire. Our prices are competitive.

If you have gold, silver, jewelry or sterling flatware you wish to sell, please visit our store.  We offer rates which fluctuate with the market price. You may call and request a quote for your items, but final pricing will be based on the current market rates when your items arrive at our store. There is no limit on the amount of gold, silver, jewelry or sterling flatware we buy from customers.

Cash in Hand