When it comes time to get your coin collection or other items appraised, Fort Worth Coin Company can take care of your needs.

In business for over 40 years, Fort Worth Coin Company has the coin dealer experience necessary to provide accurate appraisals.

Fort Worth Coin Company maintains a numismatist on staff and offers informal appraisals as well as formal appraisals for estate, insurance or other legal purposes.


Rarity Equals Value

The value of old and rare coins are generally higher than newer coins or those that were manufactured in huge quantities.

Condition Matters

There are 70 grades used to determine a coin’s condition. A coin in pristine condition is generally more valuable than one which is damaged.

Poor Condition Coins

Even a damaged coin may have value because of the precious metal it contains. This is referred to as "bullion value."

Types of Appraisals

Specify the appraisal - replacement value of coins or the bid value of coins: 

Replacement value is what it would cost you to literally replace a coin if damaged or lost due to natural disasters or burglary.

Bid value is how much you’ll be offered by a coin dealer to buy a coin.