Silver and Gold Coins

Coins and Currency

Fort Worth Coin stocks collectible United States coins and paper money and our inventory is constantly changing. Call for availability.

Currency Collections

  • Cents – Large, Flying Eagle, Indian, and Wheat 2 Cent and 3 Cent Pieces
  • Nickels – Shield, Liberty (“V”), Buffalo, Jefferson (including Wartime Variety) Half Dimes
  • Dimes – Bust, Seated Liberty, Barber, Mercury, and Roosevelt 20 Cent Pieces
  • Quarter Dollars – Bust, Seated Liberty, Standing Liberty, and Washington 2 Cent and 3 Cent Pieces
  • Cents – Large, Flying Eagle, Indian, and Wheat (including State, Territory, and National Park Varieties)
  • Half Dollars – Bust, Seated Liberty, Barber, Walking Liberty, Franklin, and Kennedy
  • Dollars – Bust, Trade, Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower, Anthony, Sacagawea, Presidential and Innovation
  • United States Commemoratives (Classic and Modern)
  • Paper Money – United States Notes (Legal Tender), Silver Certificates (including Hawaii and N. Africa Emergency varieties), Federal Reserve Notes, Gold Certificates, Fractional Currency, Federal Reserve Bank Notes, National Bank Notes, and Military Payment Certificates
  • United States Proof, Mint and Prestige Sets (Silver and Clad)

Fort Worth Coin also has a variety of World Coins and Paper Money