We Buy Coins, Paper Money, Precious Metals and more!

At Fort Worth Coin Company, we provide numismatists with the support and resources they need to get the most from their collections. We buy coins, paper currency, bullion precious metals and unwanted gold and silver jewelry.

We look forward to making an offer on your collection when you are ready to sell.

If you would like an idea of what items we deal in, please peruse the list below. On this page is a brief, but not all-inclusive, list of what we buy and sell.

Four $100 Bills and Some Gold

What We Buy:

  •  United States Circulated Coins
    • US Cents (1793 - 1958)
    • US 2¢ & 3¢ Pieces
    • US Nickels (1866 - 1938 and 1942 (“P” mintmark) – 1945)
    • US Half Dimes
    • US Dimes (1796 - 1964)
    • US 20¢ Pieces
    • US Quarters (1796 - 1964)
    • US Half Dollars (1794 - 1969)
    • US Dollars (1794 - 1935)
  • US Gold Coins (1933 and Earlier)
  • United States Commemorative Coins (Classic and Modern)
  • United States Proof, Mint, & Prestige Sets
  • Gold, Silver, & Platinum Bullion Coins and Bars
  • Foreign Coins & Currency
  • US Currency [1862 – 1929]:
    • United States Notes (Legal Tender)
    • Silver Certificates (including Hawaii and N. Africa Emergency varieties)
    • Federal Reserve Notes
    • Gold Certificates
    • Fractional Currency
    • Federal Reserve Bank Notes
    • National Bank Notes
$100,000 Bill Front
$100,000 Bill Back
  • Confederate Notes
$1000 Confederate Bill
  • Jewelry and Flatware
    • All Karat Gold Jewelry
    • Diamonds
    • Sterling Silver Jewelry
    • Sterling Silver Flatware & Service Items
Four $100 Bills and Some Gold

If you have gold or silver jewelry or sterling silver flatware you wish to sell, please visit our store.  We offer rates that fluctuate with the market price. You may call and request a quote for your items, but final pricing will be based on the current market rates when your items arrive at our store. There is no limit on the amount of gold, silver, jewelry, or sterling flatware we buy from customers.

Fort Worth Coin Company also buys other items not listed here.  Call to inquire.